How to Remain Health and Active In Sick World?

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I am not the only one WHO worries about health issue faced every day. But people who wish to be healthy and well being, they must think to seek Right Solution and to gain better ways to target their healthy aims they wished and make them health and active.  Why should we do it??

  • Knowledge about the World you live

We have to clearly aware that the modern life is in a polluted society caused by many of reasons.  The outcome of pollution led to many people causing diseases and even death. The analysis of Years Lived with Disability (YLD) from 1990 to 2013 stating that: over 95% of us – the World’s population are ill globally, and whose situation hasn’t being reduced, but more worse…
Every day people suffering facing chronic like low back pain, acute illnesses with upper respiratory tract infections and diarrhoeal disease.  Whereas, disease is not confined to the elderly, it has effected with people who are younger than 65 years old as well. And the incidence of diabetes worldwide increased to 43%, which affected on people health.

Diseases known in our daily life:

  • Depressive disorder, musculoskeletal disorders and Anxiety disorders, Neck pain, Migraine, and
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Asthma etc.,
  • Cardiovascular diseases, Cerebral atrophy
  • Also Upper respiratory tract infections and Diarrhoeal disease as well as,
  • Age-related and other hearing loss and Diabetes mellitus. Especially as people live longer, they experience more illness and more…
  • Be wellbeing for yourself on health

Raising our immunity level we need for our body is what we should do first!  Sickness at beginning stage, people ignored it. Pills taken and waiting to recovering. No any of exercises to give a help. Of cause, result of recovering wasn’t as expected; the healthy condition getting worse…

Imaging you have stronger immunity level in your body, could you recover better and quickly? The answer is Positive! Yes!  Your own body will do good work to heal you!

  • Speed up your own immunity and make you stronger

Many ways can achieve good results to raising our immunity, especially we have positive ideas and our confident.

Keep in mind – Medicine cannot keep us health forever, the best thing we need to do is:

  • Through the ways of proper exercising movement to raising our own body’s immunity, and
  • Reliable nutrition supplements are a good option, focusing on needs of our health are what we needed. (Not only expensive nutrition is good, the best one is suitable one.) Good nutrition is necessary; it helps to build up stronger immunity in our body. 
  • Pay attention to our daily dietary source. Be well aware that: disease comes through our mouth – our food!
  • If possible, own right and reliable self-examine instruments are a better solution that would effectively check ourself at right first time we needed when we feel unwell. Seeking professional advice if the self-examine result needs contacting with our doctors.

  • Active and health

To have a Good health -we do need to contribute and care health on ourself. Light physical exercise and taking good nutrition both is necessary (strenuous exercise is not a good choice for most of people, and Good nutrition is part of  our healthy body required, its role is important and benefits us reducing risk of heart diseases and cancer, cleanse our blood vessel and promote overall health for our body.
People need health, and healthy body required nutrition. The full nutrition for body can gain from daily diet with our meals as well, from which help to get and maintain our normal healthy weight we need, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Practicing healthy exercise is necessary for us if done well would speed up immunity level on our body and rid of existed unhealthy problems easily. We are on the way of healthy track in today’s pollution World! The benefits of health make us energetic and vigorous, we feel young and strong.

  • Aim for a healthy lifestyle

In the modern world a wide range of foods giving people a great access to choose, however we still face the problems to choose right foods to protect us on health. A number of people got sick of foods they chosen, e.g. obesity, (including the obesity among children), excessive nutrition as well as over-consumption of high in saturated fat, sugars and salt added in foods. In addition, unhealthy habits and life pressure etc, caused people unhealthy as well, e.g. Alcohol abuse, addicted to meat, unbalanced mentality, excessive anxiety, irregular diet, as well as malnutrition for Picky eating and food mixed by wrong way. 
Thus, to having a good health, we have to eating for health.  Positive choices on person’s lifestyle and a daily diet control on health are a must.  This is what we should do: abandoning all unhealthy habits, restore confident establishing good habits, regularly diet for you in daily, keep making all areas of your body overall well-being, not focus on reducing our weigh only.

What is the proper exercising practicing to enhance own body’s immunity? What kinds of good nutrition the most people need? What dietary food for people’ daily should be suitable? Do I need to have self-examine instruments indeed?

Daily life’s health and well-being is No.1 for everyone!  So Food Safety is a big thing we should pay more attention. Sharing our Healthy Food Gallery , wish you take care to remain your health every day.  Thanks for your visiting!

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